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  11.07.17 thru 11.09.17

Tuesday 11.09

Lemon Chicken Picata with Garlic Sauteed Spinach

Thin sliced chicken, lemon, white wine & butter sauce, capers & garlic sautéed spinach


. . . $12.50 

Wednesday 11.08

Pork Marsala with Yukon Mashed Potatoes

​Browned Pork Cutlets served with sauteed shallots and mushrooms, fresh thyme, and a shite lie salad lime sauce along with Mashed Yukon Potatoes - Gluten Free 


. . . $14.00 

Thursday 11.09

Pistachio Pesto Gnocchi with Haricot Vert Geen Beans

Pillowy Potato Gnocchi & Crispy Haircots tossed with our Pistachio Pesto and Cream sauce.


                     . . .  $



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