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  04.04.17 thru 04.06.17

Tuesday 04.04

Pork Marsala & Mashed Yukon Potatoes‬ - Gluten Free

​Browned Pork Cutlets served with sauteed shallots and mushrooms, fresh thyme, and a shite lie salad lime sauce along with Mashed Yukon Potatoes - Gluten Free                  

. . . $14 Full

Wednesday 04.05 

Braised Cannellini Beans, Sausage & Chicken

Braised chicken thighs, italian sausage with  Cannellini Beans in a fire roasted tomatao and white wine sauce

. . . $11.50

Thursday 04.06

Ricotta Stuffed Cannelloni Marinara

Two delicious cannelloni per order. We use fresh spinach pasta sheets, fill them with creamy herbed ricotta cheese, then cover with our signature homemade marinara sauce and mozzerella cheese and bake to perfection.  Served with house salad.

. . . $14.50

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