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  04.25.17 thru 04.27.17

Tuesday 04.25

Salisbury Steak, Yukon Mashed Potatoes & Pan-Seared Asparagus 

Grass fed ground sirloin, shallots, house-made beef stock, wild mushroom gravy, served with yukon mashed potatoes and pan seared asparagus

. . . $13.75

Wednesday 04.26

Shrimp Saltimbocca, Polenta & French Beans

Red Argentinean shrimp, lemon sage sauce served over crispy polenta cakes and proscuitto crumble

. . . $14.25

Thursday 04.27

Signature Italian Lasagna

Hearty servings of one of our most requested entrees!! Fresh egg pasta sheets layered with Italian sausage, organic grass-fed ground beef, creamy ricotta blended with basil and a touch of grated nutmeg, provolone & mozzarella cheeses and homemade marinara sauce. 

. . . $15.00

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