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  02.05.19 thru 02.07.19

Tuesday 02.05

Pale Ale Beer Battered Perch Tacos

fish tacos.jpg

Beer Battered, Wild Atlantic Perch, Chipotle Lime Tarter,  Monterey Jack Jalapeno Cheese, Jicama, Pickled Cabbage, Sweet Drop Peppers, Flour Tortilla. Guacamole & Chips

. . . $ 14.00

Wednesday 02.06

Quinoa Stuffed Tri-Colored Peppers 

chorizo quinoa stuffed

Local Pastured Raised Pork Chorizo & Quinoa or Vegetarian Option with Tofu, Stuffed Red, Yellow & Orange Bell Peppers.  Fresh Herbs, Garlic, Cheese, Tomitillo, Quinoa &  Chipotle Tomato Sauce. Side Salad with Roasted Corn, Jicama, Radish, Baby Potatoes & Avocado Lime Vinaigrette.  GF


                                           . . . $ 14.25

Thursday 02.07

Ricotta Eggplant Parmesan & Angel Hair 

eggplant parm ricotta.jpg

Panko Breaded Eggplant lightly Sauteed in Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Layered with Whipped Basil Ricotta Cheese, our Scratch Marinara and Fontina Cheese. Served with Fresh Angel Hair Pasta & Side Salad. Vegetarian 

                                        . . . $ 15.25

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