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  08.11.20 thru 08.13.20

Tuesday 08.11

Pistachio Pesto Gnocchi

Potato Gnocchi with Pitachio Pesto and G

Delightful Potato Gnocchi tossed with local Basil & Pistachio Pesto and Crisp French Green Beans!!

Wednesday 08.12

Packing for College Move In

Packed for College.jpg

Our apologies, but we are forgoing a dinner special this week on Wednesday & Thursday as we pack our kids up and send them back to School


Our Regular Menu is available until 5 pm 

Thursday 08.13

The Actual College Move In

Map Hudson OH to Oxford OH.jpg

Followed by Adult Beverages for the Empty Nesters

Our Regular Menu is available until 5 pm

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