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  01.05.21 thru 01.07.21

Tuesday 01/05

Sweet Potato Tacos + Guacamole

Sweet Potato Tacos.jpg

Smoked Chipotle Pepper  Seasoned Organic Sweet Potatoes, Cheddar + Chihuahua Cheeses, Refried Black Beans or Swap Bean for Spicy Chorizo Sausage, Red Chile Sauce, Radish, Onion and Cilantro on Flour Tortilla. Guacamole + Tostada Chips   


                                 . . . $14.00

Wednesday 01/06

Italian Wedding Soup + Salad

Italian-Wedding-Soup (2).jpg

Scratch-Made Chicken Stock, Bite Size Meatballs, Acini de Pepe Pasta, Escarole &  Parmesan Cheese Soup, Local Mixed  Green Salad and Grilled Garlic Butter Ciabatta Bread 


                              . . . $13.85 

Thursday 01/07

Eggplant "Bolognese" Sauce + Pasta 


Stay Tuned for more details . . .      


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